Popular Home Workout Equipment for Online Training

Online workouts and training at home or in your local park will become the new normal for many.
home workout equipment for online training

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The coronavirus has changed the way in which we live our lives and, in my opinion, this will be a long-lasting if not permanent change in how we workout.  Online workouts and training at home or in your local park will become the new normal for many.

In my work as a personal trainer, I have used all the equipment listed below just not the specific brands as I had access to equipment provided by the gym chain I work in.

As my clients and I have been training at home I have done some research and have compiled a list of home workout equipment that is, in my opinion, reasonably priced and has good reviews.

This is most of what you’ll need to workout at home and achieve good fitness levels, gain muscle and reduce body fat.  A basic home workout kit list that will suit the majority of users training at home, it will not directly replace gym-based weight training as the training loads are difficult to match at home without expensive and bulky equipment. 

Exercise Bands

First up and easy to use are exercise bands, these provide varying levels of resistance and are easy to use. They are most commonly used for leg exercises but can also cover core and some upper body work too. The bands I use and recommend are currently not available so I recommend Gritin Resistance bands, as an alternative. These bands have good reviews, are reasonably priced and are a popular buy.

I have also included here Power Guidance Resistance bands that are longer and a great complement to the shorter bands providing an increased range of exercises.

If you are looking for even more versatility then this FitLife Exercise and Resistance band set has handles and a door jam to even further increase the number of exercises you can do with this equipment.  I have a similar set and find these bands great for back workouts!

Exercise Mats

I would always recommend you to use a mat when exercising at home, this will increase your comfort and reduce any sweat dripping on your floor.  There are thousands of mats to choose from on Amazon alone with varying prices and product quality.  I have chosen the KG Yoga Physio mat as it is non-slip and a decent thickness for cushioning and comfort.  It also has good reviews and is a popular buy at a reasonable price.

Dumbells & Kettlebells

The next few bits of home workout equipment add further resistance to your training and whichever you choose is really down to personal preference.  They each give versatility, provide a wide scope of exercise options and are easy to use at home.  I have used each of these options myself and with my clients.  In an ideal world you would have all three!  However, I would say that any one of these options will add to your home workout equipment and serve you well.

The Body Sculpture dumbbell set is a great little set for home use that comes with a small storage rack too.  However, at the time of publishing this they had become unavailable, sold out probably.  Having searched for a comparable set I have found this adjustable dumbbell set from Yahetech.  Up to 10kg per dumbbell but no storage.  Comfortable to hold, both dumbbell sets will open up a whole new range of exercises that you can do at home.

The DKN Unisex Vinyl kettlebell weight set is also well designed, comfortable and easy to use, and as above will provide a wide range of workout options for you.  I use kettlebells in my own workouts as well as for my clients, they are a popular bit of kit!

The Body Rip No-Bounce medicine ball is a little different from the more traditional dumbells and kettlebells but I really like using medicine balls with my clients and feel they provide something just a little different.  Being soft and without bounce, they are home workout friendly!  Great for core workouts, they can also be used for a variety of upper and lower body exercises too.

I have included the ONEX Heavy Weighted Power Bag in this list to cover all bases.  I know there will be some of you out there looking for something a little different like this.  In my search and review, I found that most power bags either came unloaded or had very limited reviews.  The ONEX Heavy Weighted Power Bag is a popular buy, comes already loaded with sand and has good reviews.  I have only used power bags a few times with my clients, they are versatile and provide a challenging workout!

Skipping ropes are a great way to build up your fitness levels if you don’t like to run and don’t have the space or finances for a rower or bike.  This Gritin Skipping Rope set was one of many that had good reviews, is popular and reasonably priced.  Just don’t stand under your light fixings when using them!

Home Workout Equipment Bundles

Last but not least I have included two home workout equipment bundles in this list.  They are a little bit more expensive but in my opinion, they provide a quick and easy way to access a range of home workout equipment in one go.  I have a bundle similar to these that I use at home, they’re great and well used!

The Fitbeast Exercise Resistance Band set and the Herculesgrip Ab Wheel Pack are each slightly different in their content thus giving you an option between the two bundles.  Again, both bundles are well reviewed and competitively priced. 

This list of home workout equipment, whilst not exhaustive does provide a good range of choices for your home workouts.  These are in my opinion good options, though not necessarily the best in quality of the cheapest in price.  What these will do is enhance your ability to workout at home, all you need to do is use it on a regular basis, enjoy your workouts safely at home and reap the benefits!
For further information, workouts, training programmes and nutritional support subscribe to The HIIT Works or visit my website www.getcoached.net for more details.

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